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Key Stats

Here are Paul’s key stats:

  • BEFORE: Apr 2013 – 16 st 5 lbs
  • AFTER: Jan 2014 – 13 st 9 lbs
  • Lost 2 st 10 lbs

Paul Carruthers’ Transformation

To say I’m proud of Paul would be an understatement. When he first came to me his fitness wasn’t good, the first session I had to ask him to sit down and take 5 he didn’t look in a good way. To see where he is now is awesome. One thing he has always had is great work ethic, he puts in 100% every session. Pleasure to train Paul.

What Paul Said:

I recommend Matty as he is a very good judge on your fitness, he pushes you when you need it , goes easy when you’ve put a good shift in. He gives you confidence in your own abilities. He has given me the motivation to lose weight with diet tips and exercise tips. I feel the fittest I’ve been since my early 20s.

Paul Carruthers
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