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Matty Davies Personal Trainer
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 8 reviews
 by Ricki Betts
More than happy to recommend

I would be more than happy to recommend Matt to anyone looking to get fit, get healthy or just train hard!! New premises have taken the training environment to the next level.

 by Paul Scott
Highly recommended

I started training with Matty in August 2019 as an unfit 39 year old with wobbles in all the wrong places and floating between large and extra large clothing. Matty not only tailored enjoyable sessions for me on a weekly basis but gave great advice on what to eat and when as he will tell you that 80% of your success is in the kitchen. By Christmas of 2019 I had lost 2 inches off my waist and fitting in medium slim fit shirts while feeling the healthiest I have for many years. I would highly recommend Matty for anyone wanting to be and feel a better version of themselves.

 by Fiona
I’d definitely recommend Matty

When I first started training with Matty I was a bit of a mess to say the least. I’d always done some sort of exercise but it was mainly cardio and I had absolutely no routine or consistency with it. My diet was all over the place and I had no energy at all.

Matty is a great trainer – he’s really down to earth and a bit of a character..! But because of it, he puts you at ease straight away and the PT sessions are always such a good laugh. In fact, you actually end up looking forward to going to the gym.

He started getting me to lift heavy weights, which was a novel concept at the time but something I now realised has completely changed my body and helped me to shed much more fat than cardio alone. Now, deadlifting is one of my favourite exercises.

He’s also revolutionised my diet and helped me understand way more about nutrition and how important that is to shedding the weight. He gave me a tailored diet plan that was tough but easy to follow. And once you start seeing the results it’s really motivating.

I’d definitely recommend Matty, he’s a top bloke and will always go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals.

 by Gareth Robinson
Made The Right Choice

Would I recommend Personal trainer Matty Davies?

Well that depends on what you want from your PT………..

If you want your PT to train you in a fancy gym with all the latest new age machines, and facilities like steam rooms, saunas, then you got the wrong guy.

If you want to be pushed way beyond what you thought your limits were, to get genuine results using proven techniques that are backed by no bullshit nutrition advice and training tips, then you got the right guy.

Matty will tailor your training to suit your goals. Initially I wanted to lose weight and body fat, then I wanted to improve my overall cardio fitness and now I’m working on building muscle mass and core strength. Whatever your goals are, Matty can help you achieve them.

But the thing I’ve probably learnt the most from training with Matt? There are no shortcuts, no magic pills or powders, no special machines that sculpt the body you want – it’s all about putting the graft in, working past your limits and learning from a genuine Athlete with a proven sports background.

I hope you make the right choice, because I know I did.

 by Olivia Haytack
The most confident I have ever been with my body

I started a training programme working out in my own home in January with a goal to have toned up for my holidays in June. After a few weeks I realised I would need some extra motivation and that’s when I found Matty. In march I started having personal training sessions once a week and carried on my cardio workouts at home. After two months I started attending 3 of Matty’s boot camp sessions as well as one PT session a week. In a matter of 3 months my whole body has transformed: Toning up, becoming fitter, stronger, losing 21 lbs and becoming the most confident I have ever been with my body.

 by Russell Gilbert
Dropped almost 4 stone

I had stopped weighing myself when the scales started creeping up to 19 stone so I truly don’t know how heavy I was before I started with Matty. If I had to guess I would say about 20 stone. I do know that I would get out of breath walking upstairs and every time my car drove over a bump my belly and man-boobs would jiggle up and down. I hated being photographed or seeing pictures of myself. I would eat nothing but junk food and my self-esteem was at an all-time low.

I had never really exercised before in my life. Not properly, anyway. I would avoid PE at school as much as possible – if the lads fancied a kick about on the field at lunchtime I’d volunteer to be a goal post so I didn’t have to move. I had been to gyms before but would only ever do the absolute bare minimum – a minute on a cross trainer, a couple of minutes on a rowing machine (I liked that one because I got to sit down!). I really was an out of shape mess.

I remember my first session with Matty. He told me to run to the end of the gym and back. I felt like I was going to die – my heart was beating out of my chest, I was sweating like crazy and could see black blotches in front of my eyes. I couldn’t finish the full hour session. I’m sure Matty was thinking ‘Yeah, I won’t be seeing this guy again’, but I am stubborn and had made my mind up. I have never been in shape and I was going to do this, even if it killed me (which it certainly felt like it might at times)!

Matty realised my level of fitness was absolute zero and adjusted his training plan accordingly – it was still challenging and diverse but he understood that getting me to do things I was not able or ready to do at that time would have made me feel like a failure and increased the likelihood of me going back to my old, lazy lifestyle. He was right.

As I began to get fitter, he developed the routines more and more. He asked me early on what my personal body goals are (six-pack, obvs!) and has always challenged and pushed me, giving me encouragement along the way but also refusing to let me quit when I felt like I could not do that one last push-up or burpee. It has not been easy, there have been times when I have wanted to quit, but once you start seeing the weight drop off, or see some muscular definition in the arms or stomach it feels SO good!

Another great thing about working with Matty is that he is constantly giving me advice on the right things to eat and supplied me with a food plan to follow. Changing my diet has been a huge part of the process, I lived on junk food, bread and chocolate (see below). Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t happen overnight and I have ‘fallen off the wagon’ on occasion, but I have managed to alter my diet so that I am eating the right things at the right time to see maximum results.

I have dropped almost 4 stone since I started working with Matty. My upper body, shoulders and legs are the most muscular and defined they have ever been in my entire life. Currently I am able to run a mile and a half in under 14 minutes, can squat 130kg, clean and press 80kg and deadlift 165kg.

 by Paul Carruthers
The fittest I’ve been since my 20's

I recommend Matty as he is a very good judge on your fitness, he pushes you when you need it , goes easy when you’ve put a good shift in. He gives you confidence in your own abilities. He has given me the motivation to lose weight with diet tips and exercise tips. I feel the fittest I’ve been since my early 20s.

 by Kala Harsley
Thank you Matty

My regime with Matty usually consists of circuits and weight training. The circuits are excellent for fitness and helped me to lose weight instantly. And then incorporating weight training helped to tone and define muscles to create the shape I wanted.

I could not of achieved these results without Matty. He gave me the push I needed and as an inspirational athlete himself, I had total trust in him. He has taught me how to achieve my goals, how to lift weights with correct techniques, and educated me on what my diet should be for what my goals were.

I explained my goals at my first consultation with Matty and now less than 1 year later, I have achieved this plus much more. I cannot stress how much these results were achieved due to Matty, a fantastic Personal Trainer! He is very affordable, inspiring and loves promoting healthy lifestyles.

Thank you Matty for helping me achieve so much in such a small time frame!