Lauren Oliver’s Transformation

Lauren came to the graft sessions as a complete beginner to fitness. She’d already started her weight loss journey but really wanted to speed it up and improve her life in all aspects. She’s really got her head down and just ‘grafted’. She has all the movements down now and can get through all the sessions with more weight and hitting more numbers on the workouts. She’s got a great attitude and just gets on with it. Perfect for GH !!

What Lauren Said:

Last April I made the decision to have an operation to help me sort my life out, it has not been easy but in total I have lost 7 stone! I joined Graft House in January and never in a million years did I see myself running, skiing’ attempting pull ups doing weights and even jumping on a box (not very well) We do something different every day and its soooo addictive. So glad I found Graft House and not to mention everyone that goes is an amazing support group.
Lauren Oliver
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