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Key Stats

Here are Kala’s key stats:

  • BEFORE: May 2014 – 86.5 kgs & Size 14
  • AFTER: May 2015 – 62.5 kgs & Size 6-8
  • Lost 24 kgs

Kala Harsley’s Transformation

I would say Michaela has been an absolute pleasure to train her work ethic is a real joy to see! When she first came to me I could really see she had it in her to achieve her goals and I’ve tested her a lot and she never gives in always gives it 100%! She has really changed her diet the way she eats and looks at food is different and that has helped her get to were she is now! Awesome client!

What Kala Said:

My regime with Matty usually consists of circuits and weight training. The circuits are excellent for fitness and helped me to lose weight instantly. And then incorporating weight training helped to tone and define muscles to create the shape I wanted.

I could not of achieved these results without Matty. He gave me the push I needed and as an inspirational athlete himself, I had total trust in him. He has taught me how to achieve my goals, how to lift weights with correct techniques, and educated me on what my diet should be for what my goals were.

I explained my goals at my first consultation with Matty and now less than 1 year later, I have achieved this plus much more. I cannot stress how much these results were achieved due to Matty, a fantastic Personal Trainer! He is very affordable, inspiring and loves promoting healthy lifestyles.

Thank you Matty for helping me achieve so much in such a small time frame!

Kala Harsley
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