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Gareth Robinson’s Transformation

Gaz came to me 2 years ago after years of living a normal day to day life which did not include much training, if any. He has a successful business day to day and is overall a busy family man!

It took us a while to get Gaz training the right way but from the off i knew he had it in him. He is genuinely one of the hardest and most competitive workers I’ve ever had. He will literally go until he’s on the verge of collapse! This is all you can ask from a client, he’s worked his bag off to get where he is now and realises the quick fix does not exist.

It was stop and start for Gaz at the start and then unfortunately being hit with some personal family tragedy the last year he has completely turned his body from ‘dad bod’ to a 45 year old guy in serious shape! Gaz’s fitness is extraordinary and he has grafted and grafted to get it where it is! But he had taking to a realistic food plan which he has incorporated into his whole family life and it works for him and his family!

Really happy for Gaz and where he has come from to where he is now in just 1 year it really shows firstly ‘age is just a number’ and also that hard work and sacrifices really do pay off in the end!

Well done mate, pleasure to know and train!


What Gareth Said:

Would I recommend Personal trainer Matty Davies?

Well that depends on what you want from your PT………..

If you want your PT to train you in a fancy gym with all the latest new age machines, and facilities like steam rooms, saunas, then you got the wrong guy.

If you want to be pushed way beyond what you thought your limits were, to get genuine results using proven techniques that are backed by no bullshit nutrition advice and training tips, then you got the right guy.

Matty will tailor your training to suit your goals. Initially I wanted to lose weight and body fat, then I wanted to improve my overall cardio fitness and now I’m working on building muscle mass and core strength. Whatever your goals are, Matty can help you achieve them.

But the thing I’ve probably learnt the most from training with Matt? There are no shortcuts, no magic pills or powders, no special machines that sculpt the body you want – it’s all about putting the graft in, working past your limits and learning from a genuine Athlete with a proven sports background.

I hope you make the right choice, because I know I did.

Gareth Robinson
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