Key Stats

Here are Olivia’s key stats:

  • BEFORE: Mar 2017 – 9 st 12 lbs (size 10)
  • AFTER: May 2017 – 8 st 3 lbs (size 6/8)
  • Lost 1 st 9 lbs

Olivia Haytack’s Transformation

Olivia is one or the hardest workers I’ve ever worked with. She turns up every session with a smile on her face and ready to do whatever I throw at her!

She really has taken to the lifting and all of the technique work has really improved her training! It’s a pleasure to train her and I’m really proud of her results up to now! There’s still more to come !!!

What Olivia Said:

I started a training programme working out in my own home in January with a goal to have toned up for my holidays in June. After a few weeks I realised I would need some extra motivation and that’s when I found Matty. In march I started having personal training sessions once a week and carried on my cardio workouts at home. After two months I started attending 3 of Matty’s boot camp sessions as well as one PT session a week. In a matter of 3 months my whole body has transformed: Toning up, becoming fitter, stronger, losing 21 lbs and becoming the most confident I have ever been with my body.

Olivia Haytack
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